Club Hosts

Code Club hosts work at a school, library, museum or community venue and team up with a volunteer to run a Code Club for children aged 9 –11.

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The Basics

  • Set up a Code Club: most clubs run for one hour each week, with 10 – 20 children
  • Manage a club space which is safe and suitable for children
  • Arrange access to computers for the children to use
  • Download software for the children, most clubs start with Scratch
  • The club must be free of charge for the children to access

To host a Code Club you need to have a member of staff available to help run the club and be present in the club sessions. A volunteer shouldn’t be left in loco parentis. This member of staff does not need to know anything about coding, but it’s a great chance for them to learn.

The member of staff who hosts the club will need to:

  • Check the volunteer’s criminal record statement, so you’ll need to be familiar with your venue’s safeguarding policy
  • Ensure that all the children who come to the club have appropriate permission from a parent/guardian to attend
  • Check that your venue has appropriate insurance to cover the volunteer and the club
  • Ensure that there is appropriate equipment, software and a way of printing resources for the children

Please note: Code Club does not interview volunteers – it is the job of the club host to find out more about the volunteer and check you are happy for them to run a club at your venue.

How Code Club support you

  • We provide a platform to help you find a local, trained and DBS-checked volunteer
  • We provide free projects for the children, which are step by step guides for creating games, animations and websites
  • Free online or face to face training sessions to get you started

Ready to go? Register on our site as a club host to contact a local volunteer and get started.

Register as a Club Host

If you are ready to host a Code Club at your school, library or community space, the first step is to register on our site and we’ll take you step by step through the things you need to do to find a volunteer.

  • Create an account on our site
  • Add your venue details to your account
  • Search for volunteers in your local area and contact them. Volunteers can contact you through the site too
  • Next you should meet the volunteer, plan how you will run the club and check their criminal record certificate
  • Add the volunteer to your club on our website – this will make the club active, hooray!
  • Once the club is active, you will be able to view your Club ID and PIN, so you can access all our resources

Top Tips

  • Contact a few different volunteers to find the perfect person to help with your club, as volunteers may have different availability
  • If you’ve set up your club as a library, community centre, museum or ‘other venue’ on our site, potential attendees can contact you through the Code Club website too (you can update this at any time)
  • Don’t forget to get parental permission for every child who will be attending the club

Register as a Club Host