About Moonhack

Since 2012 Code Club has had a passion for giving kids the skills, confidence and opportunity to shape their world, through free Code Clubs around the world!
In 2016, Code Club Australia embarked on a campaign to spark interest and a love for learning Digital Technologies. Moonhack is a world record setting event for everyone to participate in. The campaign is aimed at kids who know how to code, kids new to code, and the kids, adults, teachers, leaders, librarians and hobbyists around them who want to encourage kids to explore and achieve through education!

What is Moonhack?

Moonhack is a celebration of human technological achievement, on the anniversary of the first moon landing.
We are setting a world record (most kids coding in one day) together to show the world that anyone can learn the basics of code for free. Last year 28,575 kids from around the globe participated in this free event. From Sydney to Seoul, Dhaka to Durham, kids all over the world got the chance to collaborate and code.

Who is Moonhack for?

Moonhack is for all children. From first time coders to coding wizz-kids, we have a Moonhack project to progress them on their coding journey.
You don’t have to be a part of a Code Club, CoderDojo or other group to participate. Some kids will gather at home, others will gather at schools or libraries or even participating community partners to run Moonhackathons together. Moonhack is designed for anyone who is curious to give coding a try. We also want to inspire those familiar with coding to create and share their best work as part of the world record!

Why is Moonhack Important?

Right now, all around the world, technology is transforming industry and our lives at a pace faster than ever before! Through Moonhack, we hope that kids will find pathways to many resources around the world that can open up a world of digital technologies education.

Moonhack in Bangladesh

Moonhack is Code Club’s free world record setting event for kids aged 8-18 around the world which encourages kids to register for a day of coding. The goal of the campaign was for children to work on moon-themed projects, which they then code and submit on the Moonhack event date.

In July 2016, on the anniversary if the Apollo 11 moon landing, Code Club Australia broke a world record with 10,207 Aussie kids all coding on the same day. On it’s second year on 15 August 2017 Code Clubs from across the globe set a new world record for the most kids coding in a day. Again on 20 July 2018, the third anniversary the past record has been broken with 35,865  kids coding a day at once all over the world.


Moonhack 2017

From Dhaka to Madrid and from Sydney to Seoul, children in Code Clubs, homes and community centers around the world used code in order to “hack the moon”.

The campaign strives to improve digital literacy, an important skill every child needs in the modern world. And while some people think that computer coding is hard and only for rock scientists and geeks, it’s actually easy and fun.

Code Club Australia’s General Manager (formal) Kelly Talagan explained, “Moonhack promotes that coding is a part of society. The invisible skill of computer problem-solving skills, expressing creatively and encoring social and academic development for future jobs. We’re also seeing a lot of young girls saying, “I’m awesome at this” and “I want to be a part of this industry.” Films like Hidden Figures really inspire and encourage girls to be a part of history.”

Code Club Bangladesh’s Project Manager Mehnaz Sharmin Mohona was delighted with the response and said “Our students were really excited to be involved in this year’s Moonhack and breaking a world record. It was amazing for them to see so many children like themselves from all over the world taking part. They have not stopped talking about their fantastic achievement and we can see a great improvement in their confidence too.”


Moonhack 2018

From Sydney to Seoul, Montreal to Madrid, Moonhack is a World Record setting event for any kid who can code, or wants to learn! Moonhack 2018 commemorates the 49 years celebration of Apollo 11 Moon Landing!

Code Club is a movement sparked through the idea that this kind of education should be available to every kid, in every village, town and city in the world. So the Moonhack is. Moonhack is all about exploration and fun! To create a fun and inclusive atmosphere the idea is to put up some fun “Moonhack” themed decorations!

Project Manager of Code Club Bangladesh Mehnaz Sharmin Mohona said, “It was really amazing this year. We are so happy that this year almost five hundreds of students participated for Moonhack 2018. We’ve done almost eight sessions in many different schools for day long. Students were so happy to get to participate in this awesome world record breaking program. Their joyous and happiness were beyond describable.”

Student of Code Club Bangladesh Shuchi aged 15 said, “I’m very happy that I can participate this world record setting event, thanks to Code Club Australia for arranging this event for every year.”

Another Student of Code Club Bangladesh Nayan aged 16 said, “It was really amazing that I do code and atleast through coding my lunar module is landed on moon! This idea is amazing and we were really excited about moonhack! We all are eagerly waiting for next year!”

“Setting new record is really great! I’m a girl who do coding and love coding is another exciting news for me!”, said by 8 years old Karima from Code Club Bangladesh.